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The SHOVL is a top-quality smoking tool that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use

The SHOVL will change your smoking experience forever. It scrapes, scoops, collects, and fills just about anything you would want to smoke out of.  Bowls, bongs, pipes blunts, joints, rolling machines, cones you name it will fill it.  It can also be used as a travel rolling tray.

This is the 1 tool once you have you will never want to go without.  THE SHOVL does so many things. It is a metal scraper, scooper, and packer all in one.The SHOVL can quickly and easily scoop up ground dry flowers, tobacco or a mixture of both.  This makes every session hands-free and keeps the sticky off your hands and attached to what matters most for a more enjoyable smoking experience.  THE SHOVL can also be used to scrape kief from the bottom of your grinders, sort buds on a tray, mix it up for a spliff, and pack just about anything you can smoke out of. THE SHOVL's best-kept secret is the magnetic tool holder, which will hold your poker/tapper.