The Social Ave

Marketing Agency

2885 Route 611, Tannersville, Pennsylvania, 18372, USA

The Social Avenue is the most personal, passionate, innovative, and modern social media digital marketing agency based out of the heart of the Poconos. The company was created to connect people. Connect through music, connect with people, connect with a memory, connect w/ a place, connect w/ a product through social media and the internet.

Have you ever heard a song and it brought you right back to a special moment again? Have you ever ate something at at a restaurant & bAM brought you back to Sunday dinners at home? Well that's what we are here for at Social Ave, we make sure that connections are made & first step starts on social media!

At The Social Avenue we design, advise, strategize, develop, create, optimize, manage, guide & we do it all because we are passionate. We are passionate about making that CONNECTION. Making that connection for everyone involved is PRICELESS. To watch happen right in front of your eyes is the most amazing feeling in the world and this is what motivates us and pushes us. Our mission is to distinguish the intriguing parts of a business, product, or service & help drive brand awareness, help with customer's connect which along the way will grow in customer loyalty & sales.