The Terre Photography

Wedding Photographer

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Moriah Kenton and Brad Shoopman, a brother-sister duo, make up The Terre Photography. Combined, we have been photographing the Terre (the Earth) for 8 years and it has been an incredible journey so far.

We are much more than just siblings, we aim high and dream big and strive to always photograph the world as we truly see it. Your big day is no exception and we are here to become a part of your life. We aim to create images that tell your unique story. Images that capture the intimate, important, and special moments that will cover your walls and fill the albums on your shelves for years to come.

We want nothing more than to see and feel the love between you as you take those first steps towards forever together. We are committed to becoming more than just your photographers; from our first meeting together, whether it be over a warm cup of coffee or on a stroll through the park, we want to be your friends. Watching your family grow and change as the years go by will be our greatest reward.