Tranquilo Mood Tracking Diary

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Tranquilo Mood Tracker helps you to get cognizant of your moods and to reflect over your mood patterns and move towards a healthy lifestyle. Allows you to keep track of your moods, activities and identify the patterns which helps you stay calm and happy. You can use this for mood tracking, mood logging, bullet journaling, bujo, anxiety tracker or as your personal diary.

Tranquilo Mood Tracker/Diary/Journal allows you to
- Track your mood and activities those drive them
- Reflect on your mood and identify the patterns which helps you stay calm
- Track your mood as many times per day as you want
- Reflect on well-being, moods and self-improvement
- Get a mental health assessment
- Use it as a personal diary
- Use it as a gratitude journal
- Use it as a daily bullet journal
- Use it as an anxiety tracker

☁️ Offline First
Allows you to save and view all your mood entries even when you don’t have an internet connection. Log your mood entries even in offline mode. It helps you track your moods, make a journaling entry without an active internet connection.

#️⃣ Tags
Attach tags with your mood entry to track what drives those moods.
Be the master of your own moods and add custom tags which you can attach with your moods.

🥳 Choose your way of expressing
Select from a range of cool emojis to define how you want to express your mood logs.
Personalise Tranquilo Mood Tracker by selecting an avatar from our coolest avatar library.
We'll keep adding more options.

📝 Notes
Add notes on how you are feeling and what you are feeling.
Write down the things you are grateful for.
Take notes of your mood, activities, emotions, thoughts, gratitudes, ideas, goals, events and self-care.
Track how your mood changes through the week, months and year.

📝 Unlimited Notes
Free unlimited notes entry, and unlimited diary entries per day.

⏰ Reminders
Never miss logging your moods.
Add a reminder for yourself to log your mood.
Create a daily habit of self-reflection and journaling.

📊 Reports
Analyze your mood behaviour.
Analyze how your mood changes through the week.
Gain helpful and supportive insights to understand your behaviour based on your moods.

We'd love to connect with you to hear about your Tranquilo experience and how it has improved your mental health and helped you achieve your goals. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us on social if you have any feedback or questions🙂