Understanding Spirit


Hello and thank you for viewing my website. I hope you find the contents interesting and informative. All clairvoyant readings by me are for entertainment purposes only. This is a legal requirement. I am only too happy to conform to the law, and I do understand why it has been necessary to enforce such a requirement. I just wish to say that I take my work seriously and I endeavour to help whomever comes to me for help and advice in a caring and professional manner. I am not a Doctor or Psychotherapist. If anyone is receiving treatment from a Doctor or Hospital then they are advised to continue with this. I cannot guarantee any cure or improvement in health. I am used as a vessel for God's energy, and I put my trust and faith in him.

Spirit Attachment:

Negative attachment can happen when our energies are low or negativity being sent to you, perhaps through jealousy towards you or an altercation with someone who feels rightly or wrongly that you are at fault.

I will look into all issues, even checking on a previous life problem that needs resolving.

As well as clearing these energies a block can be put in place to stop negativity coming to you from the person(s) responsible for this.

Below are examples of a problem you might be suffering with:

Do you find you cannot sleep soundly, and are tired and irritable in the day?

Do you feel ill all the time and when you have yourself checked nothing is found to be wrong with you?

Do you find nothing goes right for you however hard you try?

Is it hard to make decisions, when this is out of character?

Do you feel you are being watched when you are at home alone?

Does your dog bark or growl at the wall for no apparent reason?

Do you put things down and when you go for them they aren't there?

Is there an unnatural chill in the house, or a cold spot?

If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions then Alan can help you.

The chances are that you could have negative spirit energies in your home.